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Interview: James Principi

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James Principi

Narrator: James Principi
Occupation: U.S. Navy Seaman
Interviewed by : Betsy Reid
Topics: WW II & the USS Intrepid
Bibliographical Note:

James J. Principi, a lifelong Ridgefield resident, was assigned as a U.S. Navy sailor onboard the USS Intrepid, during the Pacific theater campaign of World War II.

His initial impression of the warship, upon seeing it for the very first time, was to utter "that thing will never float, it's too big."

Until the USS Intrepid assignment , the only boats that he had ever seen in person, were the rowboats that plyed Ridgefield's Lake Mamanasco.

Although Mr. Principi passed away in November 2007, you can still hear his interviewed experiences on the USS Intrepid during WW II, by clicking on the "PLAY" buttons to the left.